FIPA Platform offers easy to use and efficient services for athletes, event organizers, officials, trainers, administrative staff, horse owners and others involved.

Fipatech is an Estonian company specialized in building and operating IT solutions for equestrian sports federations and organizers. Our solutions provide easy-to-use and efficient services to athletes, show organizers, officials, trainers, administrative staff, horse owners, and others involved in equestrian sports. Our mission is to bring value to equestrian sports, making it more transparent, attractive, and helping equestrianism grow.

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    The development of FIPA was initiated by Martin Kiilo and Tatjana Kiilo around 2012 as a hobby consultancy project. The goal was to support the development and digitalization of equestrian sports in Estonia. At that time, one of the most challenging areas for sports development was IT – being expensive and challenging to develop for a small equestrian federation. Initially, the objective was to create a system that would enable athletes to engage in sports through a "one-stop-shop": allowing athletes to compete by going through all the necessary steps easily online with minimal time and effort.
    The initial solution for the Estonian Equestrian Federation, which included the database, entry system, and calendar, was launched between 2013 and 2014. The impact of digitalization on the quality of rider experience and the popularity of the sport in Estonia was remarkable and served as the main driver to further develop the product. Subsequently, the system for the Finnish Equestrian Federation was introduced. In 2021, Fipatech company was established with a focus on the continuous development of the FIPA product and providing support to our partner federations in IT and digitalization. Following that, the system for the Norwegian Equestrian Federation was released in 2021. Work on the project for the Royal Belgian Equestrian Federation commenced in 2022, with the successful launch of the system in January 2024.



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