We provide

Data Management
Event Management
FEI Integration

Show Management

Possibility to create events, manage the participants and their results. All linked to their specific accounts.

FEI Integration

Integration with the FEI calendar, qualification requirements and rules. 

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Calendar Management

Support for a show specific calendar and a general calendar, with filtering, searching and exporting functionality.

Horses' Data & Management

Easy data management for horses, including results, vaccinations, licences etc.

Organisations' Data & Management

All the data for different orginizations (clubs) in one place, with the possibility for custom solutions. 

Backoffice & Technical Features and Solutions

Handling of finances, reports, custom tools etc. Integration with modern tools.

Data & Account Management

Easy management for all data related to a person, that includes personal + sport specific data and FEI related data.

Licences & Insurances

Adding, managing and ordering licences and insurances can all be done through the platform, fully securely.

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Authentication & Authorization

1 person - 1 account to manage and secure all of their events, roles, results etc.

Show Management

● Adding a show and editing the show's details, specifying parameters based on the Federation's rules● Adding schedules, specifying and editing competitions' details● Cloning shows, schedules, competitions and products' functionalities● The possibility to clone an event with all the settings. It allows creating the draft events that can be cloned several times during the season and avoid manual entering of classes and other details multiple times● Automatic e-mail notifications to various groups of users as configured based on the event's life-cycle and administrative provisions● Specifying max limitations for entries, athletes, horses etc. to shows and competitions. They can be set up either for the whole show, for a single competition, for a competition day or group of competitions● Limits for a group of competitions. It allows regulating entries per arena, when the organizer knows the max number of entries that can be done during a day on one or another arena. These type of limitations are also used based on the competitions' levels and judges available for the Dressage competitions● Adding officials● Adding products and services, specifying fees and payment conditions, adding custom fields for product's booking, i.e. additional questions or selections by users, when booking the product● Uploading documents● Participants list and basic statistics, masterlist● Dashboard, incl statistics of registrations and administrative actions for competitions and products (clone, cancel, set max parameters, close registration etc)● Event logs and event log search● Venue coordinates and showing venue on a map (google maps integration)● Cancelling a show/competition/product (with automatic returns of entry fees)● Possibility to configure a “fine“ based on cancellation reason that organizing club should pay to Federation if event of competition is cancelled● Specifying regulations for entries and participation in the event, by adding descriptions and texts with information● Specifying checks and validations for entries based on individual parameters of athlete, horse or a pair

  • Additional Features:

    AUTOMATED GLOBAL RULES:(set up globally and cannot be changed by the event administrator)
    ● Licence checks for an athlete or a horse depending on the level or type of event● Checks on the minimum age of a horse● Checks on horse's and athlete's achieved qualification (handicap) levels● Any other rule can be configured and imposed

    SPECIFIC ENTRY RULES:(can be added and modified by the event administrator)
    ● Minimum and maximum age of an athlete/horse● Minimum and maximum valid licence category for an athlete● Annual licence for a horse● Type of horse: pony/horse● Athlete's affiliation to a league/region/club● Horse's gender● Horse´s breeding studbook (for example, Friesian horses)● Limitations on athlete's/horse's previous participation based on the period and level of competitions ● Limitations on horse's cumulative winnings based on the period (can be set as minimum/maximum amount of winnings)● There can be several sets of rules valid at the same time, meaning that it is possible to implement validity checks, where an athlete / horse combination should be eligible to atleast one rule.  
    HORS CLASSEMENT:(Based on the global settings, outside of competition / ranking can either be allowed in the federation or not. If allowed: )● The organizer of event can choose for which competition the HC is open and entries can be done as HC entries● Organizer can set up, what entry rules can be excluded from checks, when person wants to make a HC entry. For example, there is a check for the specific studbook allowed to participate, but for HC entry the studbook check can be bypassed

    ● Specifying a team for results, import of team results via Scoring System API

    ● Feature allowing administrators with specific permissions to make an entry to event bypassing all validations

    ● Possibility to set up fees for a competition using the predefined fee components, for ex. registration fee, starting fee, late entry fee etc.● Rule-based automatic split of fees between different parties and direct payouts of collected fees to their accounts. Example of how this feature can be used:● Based on federation's configuration, the compulsory administrative fee can be set up on every entry that will be automatically added to the amount of registration fee and starting fee. Athlete will do one payment for the entry that will include both the compulsory administrative fee and other fees. Administrative fees will be paid out to the federation and other fees directly to the organizer's account.
    We have experience with split of the following components of entry fees: ● Administrative fee collected per entry that should be paid out to federation● Sport's fund fixed fee that should be paid out to regional organisation that event organising club is affiliated to● Transaction costs percentage-based fees out of total volume of revenue to event that should be paid to federation● Cup or series fee addition to the entry fee that should be paid to federation
    Managing show finances:● Paying returns● Adding funds to event balance● Payouts to Federation and/or coordinating authorities accounts (rule-based split of revenue)
    Financial reporting:● Filter by payer, athlete, horse, status of payments, returns● Balances per payer (cashier)● Revenues / Expenses report and Balance sheet for show● Organizer´s financial statement● Prize money payouts report

FEI Integration

Regular FEI Calendar updates of shows and events, opening events for entries, closing events for entries, selections by National Federation
● Defining eligibility rules for entries based on FEI eligibility rules automatically (horse age, athlete age, pony / horse etc) and adding national rules and checks
● Entry submission and management process: add an entry, delete, withdraw, add comment, set up bedding, approve entry, reject entry, put to reserve
● Qualifications check for the National Federation's administrators, when approving or declining the candidacy entries, based on national rules
● Entries with a horse slot (only Jumping)
● Importing FEI results in all FEI disciplines
● Facilitating invoicing and payments of administrative fees for entries to FEI events

Calendar Management

● Sports calendar, including national and international shows. Also discipline-specific clinics can be integrated into calendar● Calendar of other activities, for example, seminars, meetings, trainings for officials, recreational activities

● Jumping, Dressage, Paradressage, Eventing, Endurance, Driving, Vaulting, Western, Mounted Games (Pony Games), T.R.E.C., Horseball, Icelandic Riding

● For creating events, scheduling reviews, approvals and open for entries● Configurations of permissions to create an event, propose event to Calendar, approve event to Calendar, propose a schedule (list of competitions and description of conditions), approve a schedule● Several parties can be involved in the process based on the level and type of event (for ex., for the national/other important events, the approval of the event to the Calendar and publication of the schedule may require the consent of the member of the respective national committee. For a club level event, the procedure of approval of the schedule is lighter by a President of Ground Jury)● All processes can be supported and automated, including reminders and notifications, when event is waiting for approval or schedule is waiting for review

● Detailed view, incl full overview of levels, alerts, other details● Compact view● Gantt (month)● Possibilities for search, filtering and export in excel or csv. formats

Horses' Data & Management

● Searching the horses' database● Adding a horse's data and editing the data● Adding a horse through automatic sync and editing the data● Ponies' measurements' records and validation● Vaccinations' records and validation● Upcoming competitions● Results and the exporting of results as an excel / csv or pdf● Horse owners: adding a horse owner role, adding and editing horse owners' contacts● Suspensions and sanctions, incl history● Documents uploading and storage● Creating a FEI ID via FEI web services 
● Process to add a horse to the database, including a registration form, an administrative fee payment (if needed) and invoicing● Process to submit a pony's measurement data, including the application form, an administrative fee payment (if needed) and invoicing● Horse owner's or responsible person's change application, administrative fee and invoicing● Administrative fees for FEI products, inc. passports and the renewal of passports, stickers

● Automatic tracking of qualifications based on results. Possible for a horse or a pair (athlete+horse)● Based on tracking the automatic change of handicap level● Manual changing of the handicap level and status of qualifications

Organisations' Data & Management

● Search the organisations (clubs) database● Adding an organisation's data and editing data● Adding an organisation through automatic sync and editing data● Logo upload● Staff management, including the settings of permissions allowing managing events on behalf of an organisation and defining various functions in an organisation● Custom-made reports● Members list and their licences' status per year● Onboarding to a payments processor● Clubs' licences' records and history

Backoffice & Technical Features and Solutions

● Backoffice listings of all finances, incl. payments, payouts, invoices, debts, sanctions and suspensions, applications related to horses or people etc.● Custom-made reports and queries for all functional domains covered by the system● Duplicate checks for horses' and persons' accounts● Event log concept and event log search across the system● Reporting and statistics module, including access control to particular reports based on the users' roles and permissions● Multilanguage support● Marketing tools' and banners' management● Automatic notifications, including scheduling notifications based on specific users' attributes or regular queries. For ex., periodic reminders to users with overdue payments in their shopping basket or to administrative users that would need to review and approve events' schedules. ● Automated notifications can be used for communication in various administrative processes and cover the needs for alerts and information for administrative users. ● Licence and applications' fee shop● Enabling purchasing licences and insurances for athletes, first-time, upgrades and renewals● Payments for horse-related services● Special solutions for tax reporting and/or managing the tax information (if it is part of the administrative processes of a Federation)

● STRIPE connect solution to facilitate payments, returns, splits between various parties● Scoring Systems API, full integration with Equipe APP and Equiscore, the format of API allows integration with any other scoring system● BI system integration ● FEI web services● Any custom integration can be supported, for example, with clubs' databases, membership registers, national horses' registers, tax office integrations, accounting systems etc.

Licences & Insurances

● Fully configurable lists of licence and insurance types
● Adding licences and insurances to the licence shop - including descriptions, payment receiver, analytical codes, eligibility criteria and other parameters
● Personalized offers of licences and insurances to every user based on eligibility criteria and personal characteristics
● The licence shop checks eligibility criteria, for ex., already purchased licences, club membership status, age, valid diplomas and certificates, officials' status and other relevant parameters. Based on eligibility the system only offers licences that can be issued to the specific person
● Special solution to select additional parameters for a licence, for example, club, region, main discipline ● Online payments for licences and insurances, including issuing receipts as proof of payment on the legal entity's name specified by user
● Possibility to bundle licences and insurances to allow that certain type of insurances can only be paid together with specific type of licence
● Upgrades of licences during the season, configurable amounts of discount in case of upgrades
● Temporary licences, for example, for guest athletes or for athletes who wish to do a few shows at higher level
● Data exchange on licences and insurance via API with external partners

Authentication & Authorization

● Single account: all data, including results, roles, officials´ qualifications etc are under one account. ● Each user has a detailed dedicated page with all information in one place, including results, licences, club affiliation, finances, personal data, legal contacts etc. ● Possibility for SSO● Suspensions and sanctions, including tracking of debts, resulting in limitations of user's activities, for example entries to shows● Possibility for user to make contact data publicly visible.● Can be used for officials or legal representatives of clubs, where by regulations the contact data should be visible

● Option to configure roles and permissions at platform level, create new roles without coding● If user acts in the system in several roles, as representative of a club, administrator or athlete, there is no need to have several accounts● Roles are relational - permissions to data are controlled based on user's relation to specific entity in the system. For example, organization, region, discipline, horse and event● A role can be created with compliance with GDPR and respect of the privacy of athletes, horse owners and other users● Option to assign roles for each user with a start and end date● Automatic prolongation and termination of roles based on business processes

Data & Account Management

● Options to add and edit a person's data manually, or to add a person through automatic data exchange with external system and editing data

● All the basic parameters for equestrian sports, including personal data as well as equestrian sports specific data, such as FEI ID and other data fields specific for FEI● Upcoming competitions and possibility to check and change entries and details● Athletes' results, export of results in different formats● Roles and officials' functions in events (professional experience records), including history● Exams / officials' educational pathways● Certificates● Officials' functions records, including history● Custom-made reports for athletes, for example, statistics on results● Delegations to other users to register to shows or manage an account● Licences and insurances records and history● Club memberships' records and history● Suspensions and sanctions, incl. history● Contacts and legal entities management (used to prefill payer's contacts or prize money receiver's contacts)

● Automatic tracking of qualifications based on results. Possible for an athlete or a pair (athlete/horse)● Based on tracking automatic change of handicap level● Manual change of handicap level and status of qualifications● Automated calculation of ranking points and rankings in all disciplines using various methods of calculations. Rankings can be calculated for athletes, horses or pairs, at national or regional level, also for cups and series● Very different rules can be implemented based on national rankings´ regulations and needs, including points based on the rank, final score, clear rounds or number of allowed faults (used in Jumping or Eventing) with various coefficients and special conditions applied. Calculations of Rankings can be rolling period or definite period (for example from the beginning of the season)● The system allows evaluating results based on set of qualification criteria (MER). Qualification or level considered to be fulfilled, if the number of MERs has been reached, respecting the expiration period● Based on results' evaluation outcomes, handicap levels can be assigned and changed automatically, when athlete, horse or pair progresses to the next level● Qualifications and levels can be checked in the events' management, for example, when athletes makes an entry for a competition or FEI event or National Federation's administrator checks the qualifications to approve or decline the candidacy

● Payments for past and future events, issued invoices● History of payments with receipts and invoices● History of refunds and prize money payouts● Tracking of debts● Financial reports on every event, including overview of entries with costs, prize money received, payments and payouts● Additional custom reports on finances